>White Walls are Boring


I can’t stand huge rooms with completely white, blank walls. One of the first things we did upon moving into our new home was paint two of the rooms. All I have left in the downstairs is the living room and would’ve done it this weekend, but we are getting ready for our wedding and I’m trying to focus on that.

When I did the first room (my reading room) I knew I wanted to find an eco-friendly and VOC free option. I poked around online and found a few. There’s Natura by Benjamin Moore and then there’s Milk Paint, which sounds freaking amazing but I think I’m going to use it later when I refinish furniture. In looking for a local place that sells Milk Paint, I realized they had it at a local hardware store called Allerdice. When I called to ask about it, the guy working in the paint department told me about Pittsburgh Paints.

Here’s what it says on their site:
“Pittsburgh® Paints Pure Performance® was the first national brand paint to receive Green Seal® Class A certification for meeting environmental standards. Pure Performance® contains zero volatile organic compounds (VOC), eliminating detrimental impact on air quality. This very low odor paint allows you to paint by day and occupy the room by night. This environmentally friendly paint is ideal for green building projects!”

I have since used 3 different colors of their Pure Performance line and all have been beautiful, easy to use, and have had no odor at all. You can literally stick your face in the can and it smells like pigment maybe but nothing unpleasant, and not how you would expect paint to smell. It’s so safe that our local hospital was just repainted and this is what they used.

I plan on using it for the rest of my home, I can’t imagine using anything else. Oh, and the best part….it’s less than $30 a gallon! That’s incredibly reasonable for a good paint.


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