We went to Chipotle tonight because I guess during July they offer free meals for active duty military on Mondays. I wish we had known about this at the beginning of the month though. I freaking love that place. Maybe they will do it again later in the year.

On a side note, over half of the people there were Navy, and while DH was at work earlier today, tons of people were coming in with burritos. Obviously everyone in town that’s military knows about this.

What was really cool was that we also got a side of chips and salsa for the kiddo and they didn’t charge us for that either. So what would’ve been a $20 meal came down to just over $6, which was the cost of my burrito.

As if I didn’t already lurve Chipotle enough, I noticed they had a poster up for the new documentary Food, Inc. I would really love to see this film except the closest it’s playing is NYC. Eff that! Why not Albany?? Turns out they are one of the film’s sponsors. This made me tickled-pink! Yet another reason, besides the killer guac, to keep coming back for more.


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