>Oh Money…How You Cause Such Annoying Conflicts


So there are a zillion ways to save money on monthly expenses. I could probably figure out a way to live on $100/month for groceries if I needed to. I could stop buying coffee in the morning, I could cancel my cable tv.

But here’s the dilemma: I spend quite a bit at the Farmer’s Market each week. I don’t mind this though. I also don’t just buy stuff from one vendor, I try to spread the money around. I want to support as many of those people as I can. I love spending my money there. I look forward to it all week. I just don’t know how to keep it really low.

Next year we will probably get a CSA share, because it’s only about $400 and that should keep us stocked for the better part of the year with veggies. Plus I’ve been trying to make a lot of stuff at home, like bread, peanut butter, granola bars, and cereal.

Here’s where I feel conflicted: typically when you aren’t spending much on groceries each month, you are losing out on key things. You could be eating pasta, rice, beans and the like, but I feel like it’s impossible to get enough fresh fruit and veggies.

I just think that people need to be very aware of how they are spending their food money and not try to skimp on health. People used to spend a much larger portion of their monthly costs on food. We should pick other areas of our lives to reduce costs. If money became really tight for us, I could live without Comedy Central.


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