>Tiny Diners


I love me a good diner. I really do. There’s a tiny one in our town that has a fish fry every Friday. The place has a counter and 4 tables and that’s it. The menu is the front of a sheet of paper, but they have all the basics.

Tonight we went and Chris ended up winning us a $25 gift certificate for a Mexican restaurant up in Saratoga. They have this container there with 200 numbered disks in it. They randomly choose a number and put it on the wall. Then each patron gets to reach into the container and pick a number. Out of 200 numbers, Chris picked the winning one!

The fish sandwich was huge and slathered in yummy tartar sauce. The fries were freaking delicious and the people there were really sweet. Plus the cook surprised Jack and made a Mickey Mouse face out of his blueberry pancakes. There’s nothing quite like a good, small town diner to put a smile on my face.


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