>Meat, Meat, Meat


So most of my adult life I’ve avoided meat. Even as a kid, I was never very fond of it. When people say, “Ooooooooo Steak!” I just kind of shake my head because I don’t know how someone could crave something that I just don’t think tastes very good.

The whole time I was veg it was never really because of animal cruelty. I mean, I think that if that’s your reason, you should really be vegan, and if you aren’t, then you are a hypocrite. I just really wasn’t into meat, so it was easy to remove it from my diet.

Now I am eating meat, but only local, humanely raised meat. Since we aren’t made of money, and it’s really not that healthy, we don’t eat a ton of it. But now it gets me to thinking more about it.

For example, when you only buy a whole chicken, instead of just a package of breasts, you are really looking at that chicken. You can imagine how it looked when it was alive. It makes you appreciate it and respect it. Can you really “respect” fowl?? I think so. Same goes for all meat, especially when you get to meet the person who raised the animal and they are a nice, smiling, caring person, and not a giant, faceless, profit-hungry company. You become thankful for that person and their hard work, and for the animal that died to feed you.

It’s sort of like praying before a meal. Instead of thanking god, you are thanking that animal. And really, at the end of the day, you can’t just liberate cows and chickens. They depend on us. Cows don’t live in the wild. Sure, they don’t deserve to be piled together in unsanitary conditions, getting pumped full of drugs, but they can’t just roam the forests either.

My stepdad grew up on a farm and they had to kill their own animals. As a kid, I always thought that was so disgusting. But now I realize that my stepdad had a true understanding of where every meal came from. I just want a piece of that for my family too.


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