>Sunday, Sunday, Sundaaaaaayyyyy!


Wow, yesterday was crazy, to say the least. We got up at 8:30 to go pick blueberries before it got scorching hot. We went to Winney’s Blueberry Farm out in Schuylerville. It was incredible! There were so many damn blueberries and we ended up with 27 pounds. It cost us $62, but at the market that would’ve been closer to $160.

On our way home we stopped at Saratoga Apple to get some good sour apples and apple cider donuts. It’s a good thing I don’t live very close to there because I would be eating those donuts every day. Driving back we stopped at a store called Stitches & Time, which has antiques and new crafty things as well. I got a bundle of fat quarters that I’m about to sew together to make a quilt.

When we got home we had to clean, sort and bag the berries so that we could freeze them. It took us about 3 hours, no joke. But we ended up with 5 gallons of frozen berries. We also got Chris’ dad’s award-winning blueberry quick bread recipe and made some…and it’s really good!

We were going to grill our hot dogs from the Lewis Waite Farm but as Chris was prepping the grill we got a freak thunderstorm. That pretty much ended grilling for the night. We ate, Jack went to bed, and then when I went to the basement to put laundry in the dryer I realized there was about 2 inches of water on the basement floor.

So about 30 minutes later, after getting the sump going, we had it cleared out and had moved some soggy boxes to dryer ground. Note to self: Buy lots of plastic storage tubs and move things over!!! Luckily, in the process of moving things around, I discovered an unopened box that had the pictures in it that we couldn’t find. Now I can finish hanging them tomorrow.

Plus, a box of photos got all wet. Initially I was angry and horrified, thinking that they were all ruined. I dried them out and they are ok though. What was great about this was that I got to look at old pictures and laugh. So what could’ve been a crisis, was actually a blessing.

So that was our crazy day. We keep having eventful weekends now that Chris is on his new schedule. It’s going to be hard when he goes back to shift work, but at least he’s off the weekend that we want to go to the wool festival down in Duchess County. Oh yeah, I’m a freak for sure.


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