>Oh I’m Obsessed with "The Colony"


This show is damn amazing. If you haven’t seen The Colony yet, it’s on Tuesdays at 10pm. I don’t usually get into shows. I have my favorites, but nothing I’m committed to watching each week.

Basically this show is supposed to take place after SHTF and they’ve selected 10 people in an average cross-section of the American population, and they have to figure out how to survive. They are currently living in a warehouse in LA.

I think it’s very interesting that they are doing this, considering how many people believe that a situation like this isn’t too far away. It’s something Chris and I think about regularly.

Now that I’ll have a little more time on my hands I’m going to brave the spiders in my basement and get things organized down there. Then begins the major project of stocking up supplies. Canned food, water, blankets, first aid, manual tools, books, etc.

You may think this is bonkers, and I don’t think the Rapture is going to happen or anything, but I’d rather be safe than sorry if there was a huge disaster. Just remember, when SHTF everyone will be running to the grocery store and Lowe’s to get stuff they need. Supply will deplete quickly, and you’ll be putting yourself at risk by being out there. But if you already have that in your home, you can remain there and live for quite some time without relying on others.

If you still think I’m crazy, just look for Survivalist Forums online…..there are 1000s of people out there thinking about this. Yes, some are gun-toting rednecks, but most are just normal people with genuine concern.

At any rate, the show is kick ass and I highly recommend it.


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