>I love a good find!


I’ve been on the hunt for a food dehydrator. I really wanted the Nesco 700 Watt one, mostly for speed of cooking, but I read on PickYourOwn.org that the 500 watt one is fine too. Usually this runs for about $60. I had it on my wish list for my bday or xmas but since I’m a Craigslist fanatic I found one at a house just down the road.

Here’s the best part…they had a barely used one for $5! And they had an emergency flashlight/radio/alarm too. However the guy couldn’t prove that it worked and felt bad so he said that it probably did, but I should just take it anyway.

Now all I have to do is order 2 more inserts for making fruit roll ups (with shipping it should be less than $10). I bought a $5 package of D batteries today and the light works!

So for $5 I got both items and for a grand total of $15 I will be able to make my own fruit leather. This is awesome because I usually buy a box a week which is almost $4.

I found this gals great info on making it at home (you can actually do it with a sheet pan too) and you can use a can of pumpkin and seasoning. A large can of pumpkin is less than $2!

Woot!! Man I love saving moola.


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