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>Must….add to…..Stash!!!!!!!


I’ll admit, my yarn stash isn’t out of control (yet). The stuff I do have is pretty organized and usually grouped by project. Sadly, I have some unfinished projects from ages ago, but I’m going to try to hammer those out during fall/winter. Usually what happens is that I get started on something and then need to make something for someone, so I put mine on hiatus.

We went to the Fiber Fest on Sunday (I was so excited I could’ve died!) and I got two skeins of yarn, a pattern (I’m using one of the skeins on the pattern now), some yellowy-peachy roving, and a drop spindle. I’ve wanted the drop spindle for some time now but wanted to ask someone who actually uses one first. So I asked one of the gals from The Rock Day Spinners and not only did she help me choose the spindle, but she showed me how to use it. Someday I will have an actual spinning wheel, but it needs to wait since it’s darn expensive.

Currently I have no projects lined up for other people, so I want to get the beret I’m working on done quickly. I have two other skeins and some roving from Shepherd’s Hey Farm, but I’m not sure what to do with that yarn yet.

Hopefully I can have a productive cold-weather season this year with my crafts. Especially since there is a Fiber Tour in April and I’ll be hitting up some farms, thus purchasing new yarn. I also think I want a sheep now. They are so cute. Like huge, fluffy, stupid dogs that you can make stuff out of. Plus, Jack wants one too.



> “I’m the boss applesauce!”
(I think of that quote every time I eat applesauce.)

Sunday night we made roughly 2 and a half gallons of applesauce. Currently it’s sitting in the chest freezer in my basement in just about every canning jar that I own. Amazingly, we only used half a bushel of apples. Granted, it’s a lot of apples, but you would never imagine it would actually make that much applesauce.

It’s incredibly easy to make too. Just get a large pot, cut the apples into large chunks (with the skins on), put and inch of water in the bottom of the pot, dump apple pieces in, cook over medium heat until the apples are mushy. Then just use a food mill to turn the mush into smooth sauce. Add cinnamon to taste and then jar it up. You can actually can it but we have more room in the freezer than we do in the pantry so we chose to freeze it instead.

Whenever you want a new jar, just thaw overnight. If you think there’s no way your family could eat that much applesauce, just remember that you can use it in a lot of baking recipes in place of some of the oil and sugar.



Ok I have some pics from two separate canoe trips. We’ve gone out 4 times but I only have the pictures from two excursions. One was a very short trip because it started pouring rain on us and we turned around and went back to land about 20 minutes into it. On another trip it looked like it was going to rain so we were pretty much trying to get across the lake and back, with no time to stop and take photos.

I must note that on the trip to Round Lake (where it almost rained) we went up an inlet next to the lake, and it leads back to a Heron rookery. We didn’t go all the way back but I guess in July all of the babies have hatched and it’s quite a site back there. We ran into one guy who had seen it before and he said that it looks like Jurassic Park back there! I’m so excited, I can’t wait to see it next year.

Click here for the pics!

>Reason #217 Why I Love the Saratoga Farmers’ Market


A few weekends ago I went to the market with some friends and all I brought with were my keys, wallet and shopping bags. When I got back to their house I couldn’t find my keys. We searched their car with no luck and then I just made Chris come get me since we had a spare key at home. Well I took the spare to Allerdice and got another made, and all was well. The only things I was still missing were all of my keychain tags for various stores. No biggie.

Well in the middle of that next week I got a call from the library saying that the woman who runs the market had found my keys and used my library key tag to track me down. Chris was already going to the market that night so I told him to get my keys.

Last Saturday when I went to the market I found the woman and thanked her profusely. I couldn’t believe how nice she was to go through the trouble of trying to find out who I was and to notify me of my found keys. She said that people at the market are very good about returning stuff. They’ve had wallets turned in full of cash and nothing was missing.

I wish everywhere could be filled with awesome people like these people.

>A Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

>It’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve put anything on here. Now that school has started we are busy bees and I also started working, so I’m not just stuck at home all the time.

I’m updating my Flickr as I’m typing this. Trying to get some new stuff on and then I’ll be making some slide shows and whatnot.

I think of great things to write about everyday but for some reason I just go into brain fog and don’t feel like writing when I actually sit in front of my computer. Oh well, time to play Catch-Up I guess.

>Food Glorious Food


In the past few days we’ve made some incredible desserts. Chris found both of them online. Well….his computer Stumbled them actually. I both love and hate that his Stumble keeps giving us these insanely fabulous recipes. I’m just hoping that one of these days they find out that eating a regular diet of homemade desserts can prevent cancer and wrinkles.

First was the Blueberry Molasses Cake. You absolutely have to love molasses to enjoy this cake, and thankfully I do.

Second was the Blueberry Nectarine Slump, which is hot and bubbly and covered in delicious cornmeal dumplings. To both I added fresh, homemade whip cream.

And his computer just gave us a recipe for brownies, so looks like I’ll probably be making that this week as well. I should probably invest in more Spanx at the rate I’m going.

>The Great Outdoors


So far this summer we’ve been out canoeing 4 times. I absolutely love it. I keep thinking about how if I had my old job, I would’ve never been able to do this since I always worked on the weekends. It’s so much fun. Plus it’s a great workout.

Last weekend we went on the Hudson up in Moreau and we found all of these hidden places to camp. I really want to go camping but it just keeps raining. Grrrrr.

So now it would be fun if we had our own canoe, but they are pretty pricey. Fingers crossed we’ll find one on Craigslist.

(I shall post pics soon!)