>Food Glorious Food


In the past few days we’ve made some incredible desserts. Chris found both of them online. Well….his computer Stumbled them actually. I both love and hate that his Stumble keeps giving us these insanely fabulous recipes. I’m just hoping that one of these days they find out that eating a regular diet of homemade desserts can prevent cancer and wrinkles.

First was the Blueberry Molasses Cake. You absolutely have to love molasses to enjoy this cake, and thankfully I do.

Second was the Blueberry Nectarine Slump, which is hot and bubbly and covered in delicious cornmeal dumplings. To both I added fresh, homemade whip cream.

And his computer just gave us a recipe for brownies, so looks like I’ll probably be making that this week as well. I should probably invest in more Spanx at the rate I’m going.


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