>Reason #217 Why I Love the Saratoga Farmers’ Market


A few weekends ago I went to the market with some friends and all I brought with were my keys, wallet and shopping bags. When I got back to their house I couldn’t find my keys. We searched their car with no luck and then I just made Chris come get me since we had a spare key at home. Well I took the spare to Allerdice and got another made, and all was well. The only things I was still missing were all of my keychain tags for various stores. No biggie.

Well in the middle of that next week I got a call from the library saying that the woman who runs the market had found my keys and used my library key tag to track me down. Chris was already going to the market that night so I told him to get my keys.

Last Saturday when I went to the market I found the woman and thanked her profusely. I couldn’t believe how nice she was to go through the trouble of trying to find out who I was and to notify me of my found keys. She said that people at the market are very good about returning stuff. They’ve had wallets turned in full of cash and nothing was missing.

I wish everywhere could be filled with awesome people like these people.


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