>Must….add to…..Stash!!!!!!!


I’ll admit, my yarn stash isn’t out of control (yet). The stuff I do have is pretty organized and usually grouped by project. Sadly, I have some unfinished projects from ages ago, but I’m going to try to hammer those out during fall/winter. Usually what happens is that I get started on something and then need to make something for someone, so I put mine on hiatus.

We went to the Fiber Fest on Sunday (I was so excited I could’ve died!) and I got two skeins of yarn, a pattern (I’m using one of the skeins on the pattern now), some yellowy-peachy roving, and a drop spindle. I’ve wanted the drop spindle for some time now but wanted to ask someone who actually uses one first. So I asked one of the gals from The Rock Day Spinners and not only did she help me choose the spindle, but she showed me how to use it. Someday I will have an actual spinning wheel, but it needs to wait since it’s darn expensive.

Currently I have no projects lined up for other people, so I want to get the beret I’m working on done quickly. I have two other skeins and some roving from Shepherd’s Hey Farm, but I’m not sure what to do with that yarn yet.

Hopefully I can have a productive cold-weather season this year with my crafts. Especially since there is a Fiber Tour in April and I’ll be hitting up some farms, thus purchasing new yarn. I also think I want a sheep now. They are so cute. Like huge, fluffy, stupid dogs that you can make stuff out of. Plus, Jack wants one too.


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