> “I’m the boss applesauce!”
(I think of that quote every time I eat applesauce.)

Sunday night we made roughly 2 and a half gallons of applesauce. Currently it’s sitting in the chest freezer in my basement in just about every canning jar that I own. Amazingly, we only used half a bushel of apples. Granted, it’s a lot of apples, but you would never imagine it would actually make that much applesauce.

It’s incredibly easy to make too. Just get a large pot, cut the apples into large chunks (with the skins on), put and inch of water in the bottom of the pot, dump apple pieces in, cook over medium heat until the apples are mushy. Then just use a food mill to turn the mush into smooth sauce. Add cinnamon to taste and then jar it up. You can actually can it but we have more room in the freezer than we do in the pantry so we chose to freeze it instead.

Whenever you want a new jar, just thaw overnight. If you think there’s no way your family could eat that much applesauce, just remember that you can use it in a lot of baking recipes in place of some of the oil and sugar.


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