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>Absolutely Perfect


So my mom was just in town, which was really nice, and we went to see Where The Wild Things Are. That is my most favorite book from when I was little and I’ve been reading it to Jack for several years now. Once I knew there was going to be a movie made about it, I was ecstatic. I was a little worried that it would be disappointing, but mostly just excited.

It was wonderful. Different than anything I had come up with in my childhood mind but I still loved it. I kept wondering how such a short book could be made into a full length movie, but I enjoyed getting to know the personalities of all the Wild Things. I loved Max’s costume and I’m pleased that so many people on Etsy have made versions of it.

When I was little I used to smile at the book’s ending. I thought it was very silly how Max imagined he was gone for so long, when it was really just a few minutes. Now, as a parent, when I read the last page, I don’t think of Max, I think of his mom. I think of how we take care of our kids and do nice things for them, even when they are being bratty and stubborn. It’s very sweet that his dinner is there for him, and I know I would do the same.

I like how books can change their meaning with time and life experience, but I also like that you can watch a movie version and remember the sensation of imagining whole new worlds and experiences, especially ones where you get to just act crazy and no one cares. I’m still a daydreamer, I’ve never really grown out of it. Sometimes it’s a burden, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


>Don’t be a Hater, Martha.


Ok so far there’s a bunch of stuff we’ve made and are about to make. Tomorrow I’m making mayo (which seems incredibly easy), and I even saved the container from our store bought mayo so that way I save one more thing from going to a landfill. I am also going to start making my own ranch dressing because the organic stuff I just bought has freaking xanthan gum in it, and I didn’t realize it until I had already come home.

So I’ve been making bread (two loaves) each week for several months now. I continue to make my own peanut butter, and one of these days I’m finally going to make some jam. I have made pasta sauce, and several soups. I also still make croutons, which are delicious on the soups.

Chris just rendered leaf lard down and I used it to make pie crust. It’s in the fridge right now and then I’ll be using it to make pumpkin pie. For the pie we roasted our own local pumpkins today. Turns out, that’s pretty easy too.

It’s actually amazing how most of this stuff is so easy, and doesn’t take that much time. Plus, I really enjoy doing it. Anything made at home, be it food, clothing, toys, decor, is just so much nicer than store bought.

I really like that fact that about 40% of what we eat now comes from the store. It’s mostly basic stuff, and things I haven’t tried to make yet, like tortillas. I’ve actually been meaning to make those, just haven’t got around to it yet.

All produce come from the farmers market. We get our eggs, raw milk, and meat from local farms. I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon, or ever for that matter.

I can’t wait to see how the pie tastes later tonight! Moral of the story, make you’re own stuff, it’s easy, economical, fun, and satisfying.

>Didn’t Your Mama Tell You Lyin’ Was Bad??

>Nobody likes to feel duped. It’s just plain crummy. I think in general I’m pretty trusting, but as I get older, I’m becoming more skeptical of things, and it makes me mad.
I don’t want to read ingredient labels, I don’t want to have to research if something could possibly hurt me or my family, I just want to be a consumer and trust that people have ethics.

Sadly, this no longer works.

There are chemicals in everything. Carpets, couches, seatbelts, food, makeup, lotion, etc. etc. This annoys me to no end. I think it’s outrageous that I have to go to a “Heath Food Store” and pay out the butt just to feel assured about my purchase.

Even when Jack got his 4 year old vaccines I just asked the doc and she said it was fine so I crossed my fingers and went with it. I don’t even want to do the research now because that stuff is in him, no matter what. I shouldn’t have to read medical journals and such just to see if I should do something for my kid that the whole country thinks I should.

I feel the same about birthing and child rearing. There’s a lot I’m proud of, but a lot I wish I knew back at the beginning. I feel like this just won’t change. I feel all of it is too far gone at this point and people are too lazy, stupid, or greedy to change it on a broad scale.

And I hope that one day I won’t be viewed as “crazy” for not wanting to give my kid stuff with HFCS in it or for believing in extended breast feeding and co-sleeping.

>My Breadcrumb Idea

>We are almost to the end of canister of bread crumbs. They come in handy when I make some super dee-lish tuna casserole. I know they are cheap to buy, but I can make them at home! So I’m going to.

Each week when I make bread I end up cutting the ends off, or part of the second loaf won’t get eaten and it gets hard. Instead of tossing these, I will be keeping them and turning them into breadcrumbs from now on. Plus I can reuse the canister, so less stuff in the landfill!

I love when I can reuse something while I create something from scratch at the same time. Sometime this week I’ll probably toast and crush the bread….then I will be required to make some tuna casserole!

>I’ve Got Carb Issues


I think the first step to kicking an addiction is admitting it, so here goes….I freaking love carbs. Now, I’m not trying to say that I agree with the “lo carb” trend. There’s so many things wrong with those diets, I can’t even go into it all, but simply put, I eat waaaaaaaay too many.

After I met with my nutritionist I was good for a bit. Really tried to keep it in check. Then I just slipped. Each day I try to be good but then I just either really want something carby or I just don’t feel like peeling and chopping a fruit of veggie.

Yes, yes, that sounds horribly lazy. It sounds insane that I wouldn’t want to make a salad (even though I love them) but I make my own damn bread each week. But it’s just easier to grab some chips and salsa than to make a salad and clean up after it.

I know I could just get an apple, but crackers sound more appealing to me.

This madness has to end. I need to get better. Hopefully by writing this, and having it as proof and reference, then I’ll hold myself more accountable.

All I know is this this ain’t gonna be easy! Grrrr.