>I’ve Got Carb Issues


I think the first step to kicking an addiction is admitting it, so here goes….I freaking love carbs. Now, I’m not trying to say that I agree with the “lo carb” trend. There’s so many things wrong with those diets, I can’t even go into it all, but simply put, I eat waaaaaaaay too many.

After I met with my nutritionist I was good for a bit. Really tried to keep it in check. Then I just slipped. Each day I try to be good but then I just either really want something carby or I just don’t feel like peeling and chopping a fruit of veggie.

Yes, yes, that sounds horribly lazy. It sounds insane that I wouldn’t want to make a salad (even though I love them) but I make my own damn bread each week. But it’s just easier to grab some chips and salsa than to make a salad and clean up after it.

I know I could just get an apple, but crackers sound more appealing to me.

This madness has to end. I need to get better. Hopefully by writing this, and having it as proof and reference, then I’ll hold myself more accountable.

All I know is this this ain’t gonna be easy! Grrrr.


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