>Didn’t Your Mama Tell You Lyin’ Was Bad??

>Nobody likes to feel duped. It’s just plain crummy. I think in general I’m pretty trusting, but as I get older, I’m becoming more skeptical of things, and it makes me mad.
I don’t want to read ingredient labels, I don’t want to have to research if something could possibly hurt me or my family, I just want to be a consumer and trust that people have ethics.

Sadly, this no longer works.

There are chemicals in everything. Carpets, couches, seatbelts, food, makeup, lotion, etc. etc. This annoys me to no end. I think it’s outrageous that I have to go to a “Heath Food Store” and pay out the butt just to feel assured about my purchase.

Even when Jack got his 4 year old vaccines I just asked the doc and she said it was fine so I crossed my fingers and went with it. I don’t even want to do the research now because that stuff is in him, no matter what. I shouldn’t have to read medical journals and such just to see if I should do something for my kid that the whole country thinks I should.

I feel the same about birthing and child rearing. There’s a lot I’m proud of, but a lot I wish I knew back at the beginning. I feel like this just won’t change. I feel all of it is too far gone at this point and people are too lazy, stupid, or greedy to change it on a broad scale.

And I hope that one day I won’t be viewed as “crazy” for not wanting to give my kid stuff with HFCS in it or for believing in extended breast feeding and co-sleeping.


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