I’m really glad that I finally feel like part of a community. In college I sort of did, but it wasn’t very diverse since we were all roughly the same age with the same interests and attitudes. Not to say that there weren’t any differences, but we pretty much came together out of a sense of common traits.

Now that we own a house, I feel like I’m part of a community in a true sense. It’s wonderful that one set of neighbors are very much like us, but most of our neighbors aren’t. We get along well with everyone though. I like that our neighbor’s daughter can babysit and that Jack is almost the same age as their younger daughter. I like that I’m very close to work and that many of our customers are regulars. I like that I go into shops and people recognize me as well.

It’s great that I finally have opportunities to help out at Jack’s school and that I know his teacher and principal. I also love being part of the PTA, which is something that still makes me giggle when I think about it.

Growing up in bigger cities, I feel like I really missed out on a lot of this. I don’t regret living in those places, but there is something to be said about feeling comfortable enough to have your neighbors over for dinner, or to borrow a drill or a cup of sugar.

I hope that we always live in a place that feels like this.


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