>I can’t even believe that my kiddo is 5 today. I know it’s very trite to say that “time flies” or “they grow up so fast,” but there certainly is a truth to it. In only about 6 more years he will start to go through puberty and I’ll suddenly be very uncool and he will have weird BO and hairy arms. Only a few years after that he will drive (and I will start taking Xanax) and before I know it he will be at college, or as a traveling roadie for a metal band. The latter being more plausible because college will probably cost a million dollars (literally) by the time that he’s there.

Well, these last 5 years have been crazy, stressful, silly, and most importantly- the best 5 years of my life so far. I’m not sure if having a kid makes you more grown-up or makes you a better person, but it certainly allows you to realize weird traits about yourself that will most likely be at least a partial cause of your child’s therapy sessions when they are an adult.


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