>Musings on Christmas


The other day at work I was chatting with my coworkers about Christmas presents and such, and one girl who works with some other moms at the Y said that one of the moms has two kids and her budget for each kid is about $400-$500! The weirdest part is that one of them is only 2 years old.

Don’t get me wrong, if Jack was in high school and wanted to take some really amazing school trip to Europe or something, I would probably help him out a lot, because something like that is worth it. I can justify big ticket expenses for cool, life experiences but not for meaningless consumer garbage. I don’t care if it’s all-natural, eco-friendly stuff either….a two year old does not play with anything for very long.

I’m very glad that I’ve never made a huge deal out of Christmas with Jack. We don’t go crazy talking about Santa or anything, and we’ve never got tons of gifts for him either. We get a few things, his grandparents send a few things, and that’s the end of it.

I can think of so many reasons why it isn’t good to go freaking crazy getting a bunch of stuff for your kids at Christmas. I also think it’s pretty stupid to guilt your kids into being good for a couple months at the end of each year with the fear that if they are bad they won’t get stuff from Santa.

Well, there’s my two cents on it. Merry Christmas! 😉


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