>I love this town!


Just about once a week I find another reason to love my town. It’s so cute. The people are so nice and I feel like it’s just a perfect place to have my first house. This morning I had to run a bunch of errands with Jack and it’s finally really cold and snowy here and I noticed that they put red lanterns and faux Christmas trees on the tops of the lamp posts.

Jack and I had to go mail off Christmas gifts at the post office and everyone was so nice. Everywhere you go people are smiling. Plus we have so many really nice regulars at my work, especially some older people who just crack me up.

We watched It’s a Wonderful Life the other night (since I’d never seen it before) and I realized that our town is a lot like Bedford Falls. It’s small, a bit old-fashioned, no frills. Young people want to leave, but most stay. It’s a nice place to have a family, get to know your neighbors, and feel like a part of a great community.

Yes, yes, this all sounds very corny and wistful, but it’s true. I used to make fun of towns like this, and hoped I’d never get stuck living in one, but now I’m so incredible grateful that I’m here.


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