>Musings on Christmas, Part 2


So we got our tree today, put it up, and decorated it. It sucked that the place didn’t have a military discount (if I had my own local business, I would for sure), but the guy was super nice.

All my life we’ve had real trees. Recently my parents got two fake trees since they travel so much between Northern AZ and Phx; they aren’t at one place long enough to take care of a real tree. I completely understand this. Also, if you live in a super tiny apartment, I completely know why someone would get a tiny fake tree versus spending lots of money on the real thing.

But I can’t imagine getting excited about decorating a fake tree. For starters, there isn’t the amazing pine scent. I love the smell of fresh pine trees. Plus, having a real tree is great because you get to take something wonderful from nature, bring it inside, and dress it up like a crazy drag queen. It’s simply fantastic.

We even had more ornaments this year because I just made a bunch with Jack at school on Friday, and completely forgot that I bought a few at Target last year after Christmas, when everything was on clearance. Plus Jack got to help me decorate this year. We had so much fun, he was really excited.

I’m glad that for a few weeks we’ll get to enjoy this lovely tree. I’ll be sad to see it go.


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