>Helping Out

>Generally, when I’m talking about something Navy-related it’s of a negative nature. This time it’s different.

About a week ago a family that had just arrived to the area had their house burn down. Thankfully everyone was safe but they have two kids, and another on the way.

The next morning the Omsbudsman and the president of our FRG put up notices online about what happened and to see if we could donate anything. At the site, one of the people Chris works for came around collecting money and informed them that they were moving into housing that day.

Over the course of the next few days, so many people donated clothes, furniture, housewares, and money to the family. When I went on Monday to drop off stuff on base, I saw the Omsbudsman and she told me the family already received a ton of stuff. I told her and the guy (he happened to be there loading up his truck with donated items) that some friends of mine had even more stuff they wanted to donate, and that I would be bringing it soon.

Obviously, what happened was horrible, especially so close to Christmas. I must say though, that it’s quite amazing that not even a full week later they have a new place to live and tons of things given to them by other Navy families.

The Navy may not be the greatest, but at least when there’s a tragedy, people really stick together and do the right thing for total strangers.


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