>Musings On Christmas, Part 3


This one’s about gift wrap. I realized too late this year that I fell back on habit and wrapped our gifts in regular wrapping paper. I even bought more, but not much more. Next year I’m going to use newspaper, because we get the Sunday paper each week and after I’m done with the coupons and Chris is done with the comics, it goes in the recycle bin.

I did however get creative with the blueberry bread that I gave a few people here. I had just wrapped each loaf in saran but that looked so boring so I went to my scrap fabric and cut really long strips to wrap the loaves with. I thought they looked really cool when I was done. Some people may have thought that it looked silly and half-assed, but whatever.

I just hope next year people don’t look at me sideways when they get stuff wrapped in comics. Even if they do, maybe they will realize why I’m doing it. And if not, I hope they get haunted by evil Christmas spirits.


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