I’ve been a big lover of thrift stores since junior high. I used to frequent the Buffalo Exchange almost weekly in high school. When I would get sick of something, I would bring it back for store credit and get something else. Some of my most favorite purchases were from there. In fact, every time I go back to AZ, I make a special trip there. I have also been to the one in San Francisco, Seattle and Albuquerque.

Buying used clothes doesn’t freak me out. I’ve even bought used shoes. The key is just to wash all of the clothes before wearing them, and that way you don’t end up with crabs. Haha.

Seriously though, I have found the coolest stuff for dirt cheap. Just a few days ago I got a whole bag of stuff for under $18 at Salvation Army. A lot of the things were half off too, so I got a rockin’ dress for $2.50. It’s a tad big but I’ll probably just sew the sides in. I wore it today with a big belt around the middle and it seemed fine to me.

I think the only downside is that if you find something you really like, there’s no guarantee that it will fit, and you can’t just go back to the rack and find it in your size.

I think it really goes without saying that there are many “eco” benefits to buying stuff used. I’ve just never understood paying insane amounts of money for a shirt. Really nice jeans-sometimes, but not a shirt. Plus I get the thrill of the hunt when I’m thrift store shopping too.

Remember also, when you get sick of old clothes, or they no longer fit, try to resell them online or donate them them to your local thrift store. Also, if you have something you know you really want, see if you can find it in good used condition online first. I just got a great pair of Emu boots from ebay that were barely worn, for half the price of new.

But seriously, don’t be afraid of crabs, that’s just silly.


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