>The 2010 To Do List


There’s a ton that I want to do this year. Most of it involves our house. We have many projects to finish around here:
-Drainage ditch from front to back for when it rains.
-Plaster the inside basement walls, so that our basement will stop flooding when it rains.
-I need to paint the upstairs hallway and the downstairs bathroom.
-Chris has to put storm windows in the basement and build an entire door for down there too.
-I have to plant my garden, which involves laying down cardboard, filling the area with soil and nailing together boards for the perimeter of each section.
-Put in a clothes dryer line outside.
-Build a chicken coop.

I’m hoping that with a lot of these, it will reduce our energy usage inside the house and reduce overall food costs. Also, planting the garden (and I have flowers that need to be planted as well), will be good for the planet and will force me to go outside and be productive on a regular basis.

I feel confident about these projects. The deck I want will probably have to wait another year, but that’s fine. I don’t necessary want to do anything crazy this year, just tend to necessities.


One thought on “>The 2010 To Do List

  1. Sarah

    >Hey, I also find weeding and just hanging out in my garden sitting next to my plants is really really relaxing. I have weeded at 9pm at night before bed. I guess it's being outside or just the stillness but that is another great benefit of the veggie garden.


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