>My Adventures with Granny (Square)

I wish this picture was of the slippers that I made. Sadly, it’s the one from the site where I got the pattern (PurlBee).

A friend taught me how to do the Granny Square, and I’m definitely hooked (no pun intended). I decided to make these slippers because they seemed easy enough and my feet are notoriously cold. PurlBee uses a super nice yarn (one of my faves actually) but I would never use yarn that nice for something that is covering my stinky feet, and also going to get dirty on the bottoms.

Mine were a little larger but I used cheap acrylic and that tends to have a bit of “give” to it, whereas a chunky wool would not. They are fine and comfy though. If I were to every make them for anyone else, I would use better color choices. I just used whatever cheap yarn I had in my stash and didn’t bother to alternate colors within the squares. I was just feeling lazy. It only took me two nights to complete them though, so I’m glad about that.

Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to actually taking photos of them so you can see my less-cool version.


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