>Stop Buying "Eco" Spray


There are a lot of good companies out there who make eco-friendly cleaning sprays. I’ve used lots of them. Mrs. Meyer’s is one of my favorite companies, mostly because they offer so many different products and their stuff smells heavenly. I’ve also used several things from Seventh Generation, and they’ve been fine, but don’t smell as nice. I mean, they don’t smell bad, but not like lemon verbeena or basil or anything like that.

Here’s the kicker: they are damn expensive.

Well, here’s your other option, and be warned, it ain’t pretty:
You can buy the “eco” versions of products that are made by big chemical companies. So you can buy Green Cleaners from Lysol, Clorox, and Palmolive, but you are still giving your money to companies that mostly make their profits from horrible crap.

The good news: You can make your own and it’s easy, insanely cheap, and you can make it smell exactly how you want.

I use the recipe in this video to make my cleaning spray, and can safely say that it works amazingly well. I can even clean my bathroom mirrors with it. Plus it costs around $.25 a batch. Also, in the video she says to go purchase a solid color bottle. Chances are, you are already using a cleaning spray. When you run out, rinse the bottle and wrap the outside in duct tape before you refill it. That way you can reuse something you already have instead of tossing it out.

Clean on, people, clean on!


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