>I Can Hardly Believe It

>It boggles my mind that I can actually have whole conversations with my child now. Currently we are discussing Sponge Bob, which is a topic I enjoy. I have literally spent hours watching that show with him. It honestly makes me cackle sometimes, it’s so funny.

I am also very excited to be working with my dad and my brother now, even if I’m currently getting paid Chinese wages. Check us out at Peter Kempf International. Currently the site is under construction but the picture on the homepage is still really nice.

Posts for this week will include a follow up to snackie making, discussions on the wonders of coconut oil, how I got rid of B.O. (and it was so easy it actually makes me mad), and my plans for my book.

Ok, I need to make coffee, take a shower, tidy up and get cooking. We are having a dinner party tonight!


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