>A Minor Vent


I get very annoyed when people make up excuses for why they can’t do some of the stuff I do. If you think it’s dumb, or you work a ton, have a bunch of little kids, or are intimidated by it, then just say that. I won’t think less of you. That being said, if you make up other completely foolish excuses to cover for not wanting to be honest, then you are lame.

It should be noted that generally speaking I can be a lazy, nap-loving, procrastinator, and if I can manage to do this stuff, basically someone not in a coma could do it as well. This is certainly not a blog of, “Well I spent the entire day making this gorgeous Victoria-era gown, and I swear you can too!” I’m realistic. One of my goals is to show you that you can do all this bad-ass Betty Crocker shit (excuse the mouth, I’m feeling feisty tonight) even if you can barely figure out how to get out of your pajamas each day. I made bread while gossiping on the phone today, and I’m being completely serious.


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