>Supa Dupa Coconut Oil


Ok, I’ve explained how to use this stuff to make deodorant…..but you can do so much with coconut oil, it’s insane!

Recently my skin has been dry because it’s winter and I’m pretty sure it’s cold enough that a polar bear might come into my shop one of these days for a mug of cocoa and some of our salmon cream cheese.

I had got some Weleda Skin Food in my stocking from “Santa” (because Jack finally knows about Santa and would’ve been very confused if only him and Hershey got stuff and mommy and daddy didn’t, so I had to buy myself some random small items) and it was great, but very thick and also pricey. For the record, just like with my quest for the right deodorant, my face has seen every cream and lotion known to man. I’ve done cheap, expensive, middle-of-the-road, natural, toxic, name brand, generic….everything.

In a group I’m in online, some people were mentioning coconut oil all by itself as a moisturizer. Hmmmm, my skin is already oily, so I didn’t quite know if I wanted to take this risk. I wasn’t too familiar with coconut oil at this point, but I kept imaging it would be akin to slathering myself with EVOO, which doesn’t seem pleasant at all.

But, since I work right next door to the natural food store, I happened to pick some up to try it. I was amazed. The stuff is incredible and hasn’t made me break out at all. Usually, if something isn’t going to work with my skin, I know in a couple of days. Plus, the amount I use each day is so small, that I envision this jar lasting me for 6 months.

I know you can also cook with the oil, use it as a deep conditioner on your hair, and back in the day there was a blurb in BUST about using it as lube even. If someone would’ve told me in high school to just use this for the rest of my life, I would have literally saved myself thousands of dollars over the years. Shoot, I’d have enough to buy my chickens, fence my yard to hide them from sight, and buy off the dude from animal control who lives across the street. Damn, hindsight.


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