>Snackie Time Part 2


Chris got this book for Christmas from my parents. I think it’s one of his top 10 things right now. His first project (of many to come) was beef jerky. Thankfully, the farm we get our meat from had a package of Eye of the Round at the market and the packaging was a tad messed up so we got it for $5 cheaper too!

It took about 3 days to fully thaw it in the fridge. Then he cut it up, and seasoned it. He used salt, garlic powder, onion powder and chipotle peppers packed in adobo sauce. That’s the recipe from the book and a really good mix of flavors if you ask me.

So the meat had to sit overnight in the fridge in the seasoning. The next night he got out the food dehydrator and put the strips into it. It completely filled all four trays. It said it had to cook at 90 degrees for at least 16 hours. That would’ve been 2pm the next day. I had that day off and I was going to check it at 2. I ended up getting home from the gym at noon and decided to peek at it, just out of curiosity. It was definitely done so I turned it off and waited for Chris to get home. I didn’t want to steal his thunder, I wanted him to taste it first.

It’s really good. Even though next time we could probably leave it in for 10-12 hours, it was certainly the best jerky I’ve ever had. I trust it a lot more than anything from the store, and it actually cost less. At first I thought it was much more expensive than store-bought, because I don’t really pay attention to the cost of jerky at the store. Chris explained how much each package costs and how little is really in there, and once I knew that, ours is cheaper for sure.

If you are a jerky lover, or all around lover of meat, you must get this book. There are tons of interesting meat ideas but surprisingly tons of stuff that’s non-meat too. For example, there are recipes for condiments and even an explanation for lemon confit!


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