>The Quest for the Un-Paper Towel


I’ve been pondering making the switch to un-paper towels for some time now. I’m not a total paper towel junkie but I’ve definitely been accustomed to using them my whole life. I do have a stash of some small towels and washcloths that I clean the kitchen and tubs/sinks with, but certain things I use paper for. Generally really nasty, messy things like our toilets. I need to get over it though, seriously.

Yesterday I went to TJ Maxx after picking up some hair dye at Sally’s (They are right next to each other, and I can’t resist bargain hunting. Yes, I dye my hair. Yes, it’s full of chemicals, but by god, if Lucille Ball can do it until she’s dead, then so can I!) and was poking around the home section. I could go totally insane in that section. I was looking at everything with very wide eyes and then remembered that I can’t just buy stuff because I want stuff, that’s idiotic. I even saw a down-alternative throw that was so beautiful and I wanted it so bad and then a stupid voice inside my brain said, “You can make that you fool! Don’t spend money on it!!!” I did, however, end up getting a few packs of microfiber cloths.

Yes, I can make this stuff too, I realize this. On Monday I’ll be celebrating MLK Day by going to Joann’s and getting quilters flannel to make some fancy schmancy napkins (I will admit that I was very inspired by my friend’s* cloth napkins, and I will copycat her now). On a side note, we are also getting white fabric because Jack wants to pretend to be a ghost. I know what you’re thinking, “Hmmmm white sheet, on MLK Day?? Real classy Erika, real classy.” But seriously, the boy wants to be a ghost. If it makes him happy and prevents him from asking me to play Star Wars with him, then I’m game.

Ok, back to the microfiber cloths:
So they had packs in two different sizes of super cute, super soft, and super cheap cloths that seemed perfect to clean up spills (they are ultra-absorbent), and cozy enough to use on your hands and face versus using rough, cheap washcloths. Plus I got an extra pack of 4 that have the microfiber on one side, and scrubby fabric on the other for doing dishes.

I still have some paper towels (they are the “eco” ones though, I swear), and probably will for awhile. I had recently bought a brand new pack, but I’m going to make them last as long as I can. Seriously though, I think there are some instances that merit using crap you can throw away. For instance, when Jack projectile vomited on half of our kitchen floor.

Now I just need to kick my nasty ziploc baggie habit…

*Remember my friend who I mentioned before and I said I didn’t want to give her real name and was gonna come up with a fake one? Ok so I think I have it. She’s going to be Hip Mama Friend, or HMF. So, heretofor, when you see that acronym, I’m talking about her.


2 thoughts on “>The Quest for the Un-Paper Towel

  1. Paula

    >Paper towel habit is easy to kick!! I use 'rags' (any old towels, clothes, etc that can't be goodwill). I stash under my sink for all those dirty jobs. I will admit,that I do use paper for a few things, like when we fry fish or french fries, to line the plate. Or messes like you mentioned, child or animal!! We probably use less than 3 rolls per year. Saves a lot of money too. I am absolutely with you on the baggie hang-up, can't give them up, although using them does nag at my conscience!

  2. Erika

    >Yay! Glad to know you have had success with it. Right now I don't trust my son to remember a whole set of reusable containers to bring back and forth to school. Hopefully next year I can get that squared away. I really do feel bad about it. They are just so convenient.


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