>A Work in Progress


It hasn’t even been a year since we’ve made great strides toward eating local food, and already we’ve come along way. It’s odd, because now it seems like we’ve been doing this for ages, it just seems so natural. I’ve even branched out into great winter root veggies that I’ve never had before. Now that I’ve had roasted beets, turnips with potatoes in a bechamel sauce, and honey glazed parsnips with carrots, I’m a bit irked that’s no one’s ever asked me to try these foods before. The weirdest part is that my mom had eaten all sorts of foods over her life, but our dinners (although yummy) were very middle-of-the-road.

I’m really glad that I’ve been able to make the most of our winter market, and not just fallen back on canned and frozen stuff (which I was really afraid I would do this winter). By sticking to local, it’s really broadened our horizons in terms of dinner. We are going to pay for our summer CSA soon, and start prepping for gardening, and I’m incredibly excited about the incredible amount of veggies we will have then. I’m glad that Jack will be out of school and can help me with my canning adventures. He will also be forced to go berry picking with us again, which ends up in him whining and eating more than what he puts in his bucket.

I’m also very impressed about Jack’s level of food knowledge. Although he’s in an odd (and slightly annoying) phase of only wanting foods he can snack on, he has a pretty good idea of healthy vs. unhealthy. Sometimes when he seems something on TV he will inform me that it isn’t healthy, and when this happens, I’m very proud. I’m incredibly glad that Jack comes to the market with us, and recognizes that it’s where our produce comes from. I’m happy that he can learn gardening with me. I’m also very pleased that he’s been out to a farm with cows and pigs that live how they should, and that he has a distinct understanding of what happens to them. Most people (including myself until recently) have a huge disconnect of where their food comes from, especially meat. I’m actually pretty jealous, I wish I would’ve been able to experience more of this as a kid.

At any rate, our eating isn’t perfect (not that we are really striving for “perfect”), but I should try to get Jack to eat more things. I try, and don’t want to be forceful, but I should keep trying, just like you do with a baby who is trying solid foods for the first time.

I’m excited for what this year holds in terms of food. We are still learning a lot, and there will be some “Oh crap….one less thing we can eat now” moments, but it will still be interesting and inspiring. And hopefully, a year from now, I’ll remember to report back and see how much farther we’ve come.


2 thoughts on “>A Work in Progress

  1. sheila

    >Eating locally is one thing I am terrible at. I definitely need to work on that more. How do you go about finding these people? Do you just go to your local farmer's market? I don't think we even have one in the wintertime.

  2. Erika

    >You can go to LocalHarvest.org, or ask the people at the farmers market. We are lucky to have one that goes all year round and the people are super nice and helpful there.


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