>TCB Baby


Several weeks ago I read something somewhere (I look at so much damn stuff online, I can barely remember where I found 1/8 of it) about a lady who does 1 chore every morning before going to work. I was thinking that would be nice to try.

Now that I’m getting better about being motivated, I’ve decided to try it myself. I should mention, that I’m fairly good about staying on top of chores anyway, and Chris and Jack are good helpers too. I’m not a “let’s let the crap build up for two weeks and then spend two days in a nightmare scenario of cleaning and organizing.” That just sounds awful to me. My biggest thing to stay on top of are the dirty dishes. I may only clean my bathrooms once a month, but we rarely go more than 2 days without running the dishwasher.

Anyhow, for about a week or so I’ve been trying to do little things each morning. I will unload or reload the dishwasher, throw in some laundry, put away laundry, pick up clutter, etc. On a whole, our house certainly isn’t more appealing to look at, but my stress level is down. When I have a To Do list for the day that is nothing but cleaning and organizing on top of the usual stuff, it makes me freak out a little, and just want to go back to sleep.

Now, I can get things done while Jack is getting ready for school. That way, come 8:30 I feel like I’ve already been productive and it’s a good motivator for the rest of my day. I know that the reality is, I’m not going to do this every morning. That’s fine by me. I also know I’m not going to the gym every morning, and I don’t let that freak me out. As long as a have a good momentum with productivity in my life, things will be a lot better for everyone.

Ok, my dishes are done, laundry is drying, half of my errands are complete, and now I need to shower because I’m going snow shoeing in 45 minutes!


2 thoughts on “>TCB Baby

  1. sheila

    >I've been working on a similar resolution–I clean one room a day. Monday is always the living room, Tuesday is always the nursery, etc. I've really like it so far! Especially since I'm one of those "let it build up for 2 weeks then clean like a crazy person for two days" type person. 🙂 I definitely agree about the stress level! And my entire weekend isn't spent cleaning like they used to be.

  2. Erika

    >That's aweseome! If I had a truly set work schedule, I'd probably do something like that too. Maybe I'll do that in the summer when Jack isn't in school.


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