>When the Beastie Boys Wrote "She’s Crafty" They Were Referring To Me

(Let it be known, I would leave my husband for any of them.)

So HMF and I have made half-assed plans for selling stuff at craft shows this year. Until Super Science Saturday (this weekend) is over, I can’t possibly put one more thing on my agenda or my brain will explode.

Tentatively we’ve been pondering over what patterns are “fair game” to use for our stuff. We don’t have a unifying theme for what we are going to make, and quite frankly, I can’t decide which genre of craft I want to focus most on. I can sew basic things (I wouldn’t want to sew anything that has to fit the size of a person, that’s just too complex for me), so I may just make some crayon rolls, purses, headbands, and whatnot. Although I can knit, it seems that I can make a complete crochet project in less time. It would be really heartbreaking to spend a week knitting something, and only be able to sell it for $30.

I’m trying to think like a buyer as well. What would other people want to purchase? If it’s the middle of summer, would you really want something you can only wear in the winter? Probably not. Baby and kid stuff is always good because people buy that stuff like crazy.

I know we will be able to think of something, I’m not too worried. I have always wanted to do this though, so I’m excited. I gather many of these things will be at churches, so I hope my skin doesn’t burn off when I walk through the door….


2 thoughts on “>When the Beastie Boys Wrote "She’s Crafty" They Were Referring To Me

  1. Sarah

    >Hey Girl!Not sure what vibe you're going with however, you can make up some amigurami (sp?) to add to the show. Get some instructions off Lion Brand Yarn. Oh and I totally recommend something for Moms and Grandmas of Tweens. Like a little purse/satchel thing Sew square/rectangles, Right sides together, flip outside, add strap. — done! Tweens are really into cute skulls and peace signs right now. (I know I have three girls, 8, 9 & 10!)

  2. Erika

    >Oh thanks so much! That's a great idea. I've seen some of ht amigrumi and it looks so cute and I've always wanted to try it out. Thanks for the tips!


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