>She Blinded Me with Science


Tomorrow is the big day. We (by “we” I mean me and one other gal, because the other 3 people planning this event were at work) went to the school today and boxed up every experiment that we could. When I got home I reworked my spreadsheet for the volunteers and typed up a few extra things. I have it printed out and ready to go. In a few minutes I will grind the coffee that I will be making in the morning. Let’s just say, I’m going to be packing the big thermos, considering I’ll be waking up at 5:30.

I am making some tea for Chris and I right now, before we go to bed early. I hate going to bed early (there’s no logical reason for this, I have been staying up too late since high school), but Chris has a cold and I have so much to do tomorrow that I don’t want to be cranky and stressed out.

Even though this has been a lot of work, I would probably do it again. I wouldn’t want to be the volunteer coordinator again though. That’s where most of my frustration lies, because you are relying on others, and for the most part, I have no clue how many of these people are actually going to show up. The event is large enough that I can’t just throw myself into any one job because I have to oversee all of it. Thankfully Chris is really good at this type of thing and he enjoys it, otherwise I don’t even know what I would do.

I also feel like the guy who is supposed to be “in charge” has really not lived up to self-appointed status. He’s never once asked to see what we’ve been doing, or said “thank you.” When I volunteer, I don’t do it for the accolades or any of that nonsense, but considering that my friend and I have done and extremely larger share of the work than anyone, and he hasn’t even recognized it, makes me annoyed. I think what makes it even worse is I sense he’s the type of guy who will be schmoozing all over the place tomorrow and everyone will be hailing praises on him when he really didn’t do much more than make a few phone calls, cut and paste some crap, and let us use his pool house (which was larger and more fancy than most people’s normal houses) for two meetings.

I know it’ll be fun. The kids always get so excited at things like this, and the insane optimist in me hopes that this sparks some kids (especially girls) to be really “wowed” by science and learn that they shouldn’t think of it as something lame or nerdy.

I hope people look at my display of homemade cleaning products and get inspired to make their own. I know, I really am a huge stinkin’ optimist, but it might happen!


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