>A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama!


Ok, this is not about palindromes (although that would be much more awesome), but instead about a new PLAN I had today. Since I’m beginning to feel The Crud leaving my body, I am rejuvenated and want to get more crap done. I mean, I always want to do more stuff, but it’s easy to just say “Do More Stuff” but it’s much more effective to put parameters on it.

So, this plan isn’t set in stone, I try to be flexible. Obviously, unexpected things like a week-long illness can’t be planned out, and I don’t want to be too hard on myself. I just want to put a basic structure in place for the things I like to do, namely craft and read. So, I have decided that each week, I will attempt to read a book and make something. Now, if the “something” I have to make is huge (like a project for a certain fetus that I’ll be starting soon), I know in advance it could easily take longer than a week. Or, I could finish it in the week, but no reading will commence. Either way, I’m ok with this. Basically this is my way of making the time for things I like because it’s easy to look around and say “Holy crap, I just cleaned, why is this place so messy? I’m going to kill everyone, why can’t I just have a pristine house all the time???!!!???” And then I stew instead of doing stuff that makes me happy. So I’m going to turn a slightly blind-eye to the tiny Lego pieces all over my floor, and the ever-overflowing bucket of recyclables that needs to migrate to the bins on my porch, and make a cute dress or crochet a headband or something.

I figure, at the very least I’ll have 25 craft projects and 25 books finished by the end of the year. That ain’t too shabby! Plus, for an English major, it’s really sinful if I don’t keep reading. I mean, I’m not teaching, or writing for academia, so I may as well be reading. See, in college, they fail to mention that unless you are teaching, or writing professionally, you are pretty much screwed with an English degree. So, I suppose I should keep up on the reading so that I can at least live up the notion that I am well-red and therefore, better than most of my peers. (They also teach you that last part, it’s subtle, but it’s in there. See also, Communications and History majors.)

Plus, I figure I can get a good grasp on making my own clothes. I think that is a super cool skill to have because then you can do this:

Ok this obviously isn’t the real Sound of Music, but I couldn’t find a photo of the exact scene from the film. I think you get the idea though. Furthermore, it should be noted that about once every year, there’s a day (I think usually a Sunday) where some channel plays Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music back to back. This is as close to I get to a religious experience. Considering I no longer have any living grandmas, Julie Andrews is welcome to adopt me as a granddaughter anytime.

So, yes, the plan is starting now. Today I already have put together all of the pieces for an stuffed animal elephant for Jack, which just needs to be stuffed and top stitched tomorrow, and I have also started reading In Defense of Food which they should probably just give to kids in high school in lieu of Health class (which we all know is joke anyway).


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