>Breathing Again…Sorta

>It’s amazing how little you appreciate things like breathing until they become a horrific struggle.

I’m about to leave to snag a bagel and (hopefully) my W2, while on my way to the chiropractor. Then it’s off to Joann’s to get fabric for another dress. I’m super excited about this. It wants you to make the dress out of frou-frou fabrics but I won’t be doing that. Not because I’m opposed to wearing those fabrics, but because I’m scared to death to sew with them. Plus, in certain fits, they cling to the places on my body that my child and my love for all things starchy have destroyed.

I’m also back in the game when it comes to my morning chore. Laundry and dishes are already checked off the list for the morning! Wahoooooo!

I have to finish that elephant before Jack comes home, or there will be hell to pay.

Coming later….pics of 1st dress, elephant, and how I made refried beans while stickin’ it to the man.


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