>I’m a gal who likes a list…

>I need to chronicle my upcoming projects so that I don’t forget them, or get behind.

-Cloth napkins (already have fabric, just need to cut and sew) One Day Project
-2nd dress (have all necessary fabric) Two Day Project
-Gift for preggo friend (I have nothing, but I don’t need it done until May) Two Weeks
-Knitted leg warmers (have nothing, well, maybe, but probably not) one-two weeks
-Knitted mary janes (I could dig into my stash for this, I think) one week

That’s what I have now. I’m sure more will come up. The napkins are a priority, but I really want to make the dress. Dang. I really should just start on everything but the gift and work quickly. I should get the gift done as early as I can so I can mail it off and not be stressed over it. Then I need to get my butt in gear and make stuff to sell this summer.

I think for next year it’ll be good to work on stuff to sell during the winter and spring. It seems like craft fairs are during the summer and pre-holidays so it would be kind of nice to “stock up” on items when I’m most likely to be trapped inside my house anyway.


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