>Tea for Two


Chris and I aren’t too big on fancy, schmancy, romantical things. This is not to say that we don’t like to do special things for each other, or that we have no love and romance between us, but we have all of those things on a regular basis. To specifically get all dressed up, make reservations at a crowded restaurant, and buy roses that are overpriced and had to be shipped all the way from South America just because of a holiday, just seems silly. So we opted for a joint gift that we could enjoy for more than just one day.

Chris went to The Whistling Kettle and got us some tea stuff that we had picked out together. He got a small glass teapot that steeps two cups, and two sets of teas. One is a box of four of their most popular and the other is a small sampler of some rooibos teas. We made one with dinner tonight and it was so good! Chris is out with friends right now, so after Jack goes to bed I might make some more for myself.

I really like this gift because it seems extravagant, even though it’s not. Plus, tea is really good for you, and we can enjoy it together for quite some time.

So what are you and your significant other doing for V-Day?


2 thoughts on “>Tea for Two

  1. sheila

    >We are like you guys…we've never really celebrated Valentine's Day, even when we were dating. We have a couple of other "holidays" that are just our's that fall around this time…"First Date Day" and "First Kiss Day" those type things…(which he is actually better at remembering than I am!)The 14th will probably be like every other day to us!


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