>Working on the Third Meal


When I was younger we always ate together as a family. There was nary a tv tray in sight in my house. In high school, I couldn’t even answer the phone if a friend was calling on my line. At the time I was mortified by this, but I look back and can laugh at myself now. I always thought I’d do the same, but stuff gets in the way.

First, about 6 months ago we got a table because we finally have room. This is the first place I’ve lived in roughly 6 years where we have the space for a dinner table. Ours I small, but it gets the job done. Second, for much of 2008, Chris was gone, and I wasn’t doing a whole lot of cooking because I was so tired from work. So, Jack and I didn’t really eat like civilized people.

I’ve always been good about breakfast and lunch though. I’m a breakfast Nazi because my mom was a breakfast Nazi. Jack has to eat breakfast before school. Plus I pack his lunch and afternoon snack, so I know that for the bulk of the day, he’s eating well. Dinner was tricky though. He’s loves crackers, and tater tots, and cereal, and pancakes and just about anything that is a carb that can be snacked on easily. This is clearly not good. I had a revelation though—maybe if we sat together, he’d be more prone to try what we were eating, and we could better view his eating habits, and control them.

So far, it’s worked well. The other night he had salad and even tried lasagna, which is huge because he isn’t too fond of cheese. I’m definitely going to keep this trend going. And someday I’m sure he’ll be annoyed when I tell him he can’t text at the table, and I will smile a smug smile while he rolls his eyes at me.


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