>Putting My Foot Down….On Myself


I realize that I live in a world of paradox. For example, I love getting extra shifts at work, but then when I see myself scheduled more than 2 days I worry that I won’t be able to get all of my extra stuff taken care of. This is really stupid. It’s stupid for so many reasons, that I don’t even feel the need to explain them all.

I used to work at least 40 hours a week and Chris wasn’t around to help. Granted, I didn’t make as much food at home and didn’t do lots of crafty things, or read any books (well, sometimes), but I had to pay for an extra day of daycare every week just to run errands. Now I have from 8:30 until 3:30 to do whatever the heck I want and I’m still full of “wah, wah, wah.”

I need to be realistic and look at all of the hours in my day and actually see how long my errands/chores will take, and schedule things accordingly. I also need to not sleep my days away unless I’m ill. Then I won’t feel lame about it. Seriously, though, things are only going to get harder and I need to deal with it.

I’m still in the process of eliminating the processed foods in our diet, and that takes time. What I need to remember though, is that it doesn’t take that much extra time. I’m now completely used to making bread each week and it doesn’t seem annoying at all. Plus, in a few months, I need to start gardening. If I can actually get chickens, then I’ll have animals to take care of, in addition to my garden, and everything else.

In the future I want more land and some extra animals. This means more and more time. Wasting time poking around on Facebook and Cafemom isn’t pushing me in a direction of removing things from my “To Do List” either. It’s just adding to my stress. I think I need to set specific internet times and keep it short and sweet. I just organized all the tabs on my browser so that my “fun” sites are in one part and the stuff for my dad’s company are on the other section. This way I can quickly check what I want to check and be on my way with the day.

I have tomorrow off. I already finished my stuff for PKI, I did a little crafting yesterday, I’m reading a little tonight, and I have my list made for tomorrow. I’m not going to be a big baby about it. I’m going to muster my inner-Pioneer spirit and get my crap done.


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