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So I’ve decided to start making even more things from scratch and this week I’ll be trying some things out. When we started this whole adventure, I wanted to make my own pasta. I haven’t done it yet mostly because pasta is so cheap in the store. I know it isn’t hard but I didn’t really feel a huge push to do it.

The other day I was reading SouleMama and she was talking about making pasta and it inspired me. This week I’m going to make a bunch and freeze some in meal sized portions for future meals.

I was also inspired by Kitchen Stewardship because she mentioned how to make a mock “Cream of X” soup. The only canned soup I’ve been buying is cream of mushroom or cream of celery and I’ve just been using it in a few casserole dishes. I’m going to make a bunch of this as well.

I was talking with Chris about this the other night and then I realized that pretty soon I’ll be to the point where I will only be buying necessities at the store. Things like soy milk, spices, flour, dried beans, rice, etc. I know that there are things I could make all the time like cereal and crackers, but I get most of that now from Job Lots which is super close and they sell really good, organic brands for dirt cheap. It’s pretty crazy to think about. In under a year we’ve made a ton of changes with the way that we eat, I’m amazed to think about where things will be a year from now.


One thought on “>More From Scratch

  1. sheila

    >I totally want to make the cream soup! That's really the only thing I buy in a can and I've been looking for ways to avoid all that yucky bpa. Thanks for the tip!


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