We watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics last night. It was really amazing. I mean, for $40 million, I would hope so, but it was very creative and touching. For someone who hates sports, I really love the Olympics. There is something incredibly awe-inspiring about so many young people, from all around the world, doing what they love and competing with each other.

It sounds corny but there is a great feeling of hopefulness that people from countries who normally hate each other, can come together as athletes, and there is peace between them.

I also like the fact that there is so much tradition and ceremony with the Olympics. I have been known to even cry during the medal ceremonies. It’s very cool to see people living their dreams, even if their dreams are vastly different than my own.

Last night, Joe Biden and his wife were interviewed after the ceremony and he mentioned that these people are role-models for our children. I know Jack doesn’t currently have a very athletic spirit, but it’s great that there are people out there like Shaun White who can make snowboarding amazingly fun to watch. Don’t get my wrong, I love snowboarding, but I imagine a lot of adults think it’s just for goofy kids, when it really is a great sport.

The Olympics are also the only time I find myself really rooting for my country. I’m not particularly patriotic except for when I’m watching the Olympics. I hope we beat the pants off of those sissy Canadians. I also hope that the small team from Georgia wins a bunch. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to compete a day after losing one of your own.


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