>What I’ve Learned from Mormons

>As I embark on the seemingly endless task of building an emergency cache of stuff, I decided to consult with a good friend of mine who is Mormon. In case you are wondering why I would go to a Mormon, it’s because they are supposed to have a year’s supply of food for everyone in their home. I figure, if tons and tons of people have been doing this for a long time, they’ve probably figured out a good system.

She told me to check out Provident Living and I found some interesting stuff. It stressed just getting a little extra of non-perishables that you normally eat each time you are at the store. It also advised against spending more than you have trying to build your storage. My only problem I’m running into is that I’m trying to get away from boxed/canned foods, so knowing that I have to eat what we don’t use in 6 months to a year is pretty hard. I’m trying to stick to what we would normally eat, or things that aren’t that bad that are already canned. I figure, since we like to go hiking and camping, I can always use those trips as a good excuse to use up some things that are about to spoil.

It also mentioned that many things that are dried can last up to 30 years if stored properly. That’s good to know! I can easily package up some rice and beans, and it won’t cost much either. I’m going to look into getting a used copy of a cookbook that deals with cooking from your food storage.

Additionally, as I was poking around, I noticed it had a lot of stuff about saving money and getting out of debt. A lot was stuff I already knew, but it had some good info on budgeting and making a debt payoff plan. I thought it was really cool that it stressed not buying beyond your means, and how buying “stuff” may create temporary happiness, but in the long run it’ll just create stress if you have put yourself into debt over it. I’m getting a lot better about asking myself “Do I really need this?” when I have a desire to buy something. I especially ask myself this when walking past the shoe section at Target, because that is one of my weaknesses.

I’m going to look into some MREs as well. Again, good for hiking and camping, and they pretty much never go bad. My plan for this week is to write up a list and start figuring out what I really need so that when I’m out shopping I can buy the stuff gradually. Then it’s just a matter of going into my scary basement to organize it. That’ll be the even bigger challenge.


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