>Frozen Carb Goodness


Two things I love: Carbs and Easy Cooking

Recently I learned that you can freeze pancakes. Seriously, why did nobody tell me this years ago? I’ve been doing it for a few months now, and it’s amazing! I know that they sell frozen pancakes next to the frozen waffles but I just assumed they did some sort of crazy flash freezing thing that couldn’t be duplicated at home.

I must say though, I have never had extra batter or extra pancakes/waffles, so the idea of making extra and freezing them never even came to mind. We usually have pancakes or waffles on the weekends so I’ve been making a double batch now. I just separate each pancake with wax paper and seal in a freezer bag. Now, on weekdays, Jack isn’t limited to cereal or PB toast. I literally pop them in the toaster and they come out just like freshly made pancakes. It’s nice to be able to give him options, since I’m the Breakfast Nazi, and I don’t want him to get bored with the same thing every day.

The other night Chris gave me the link to this pizza crust which was recommended by a coworker. We didn’t use chilled flour or let it sit in the fridge before using it. I also don’t have a dough hook yet (I finally ordered one) and I just did the mixing by hand. It was insanely easy. It was really tasty too. The recipe says it can make 6 pizzas but I think it’s assuming that you are going to make a paper thin crust. Ours ended up making 3 crusts worth. I rolled the other 2 in EVOO and placed each in its own freezer bag.

I love that I just have to move a ball of dough to the fridge a day before and I can have super fast pizza for really cheap. We just use pasta sauce instead of pizza sauce so we usually have all of the ingredients on hand. This week we had some fresh spinach from the market so we put that on and it was tasty!

***Update*** Here is the recipe for the pancakes. You definitely want to sift the flours and I melt the butter and let it cool back down a tad before adding it. The buckwheat flour is good, but can be a little finicky. If the butter is super hot or you don’t sift, the batter gets clumpy. I also add ground flax seeds, vanilla extract, some other seasonings like cinnamon and nutmeg, and sometimes I add blueberries as well. Jack doesn’t like the blueberries so the frozen ones are just plain.


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