>I got my wish!


I had hoped to wake up and see to my delight a text message on my phone from the school district to notify me of a snow day. I even set my alarm to wake up extra early for this. When I ran downstairs and grabbed my phone, I knew today was going to be fabulous. I saw on my screen that I had a message from the district. Before I even opened the messaging part on my phone, I knew what it was going to say. Now I just had to call my work and tell them I couldn’t come in. Thankfully, my manager has a kid as well, so I was granted the day off, as well as tomorrow, if the conditions are the same.

I went back to bed. Sleeping is one of my most favorite things. I wasn’t even actually asleep for very long, but continued to lay there and watch the snow falling outside. Jack and Chris went out to shovel and Jack began to build a snow fort. They convinced me to get up and come outside. I bundled up and went out to help with construction of the fort. Then I built a really hideous snowman, complete with a beard and mustache made out of dead hydrangea petals.

For lunch we walked through the slush to a deli down the road and gorged ourselves on delicious, fattening foods. Now we are being super lazy while Jack builds a blanket cave and pretends to hunt for diamonds.

To make it even better, I didn’t have to babysit tonight. Instead we are probably going over to HMF’s house. Maybe I can even get my craft on, because I’ve been a major craft slacker this week.

If I was rich, every day would be like a snow day.


3 thoughts on “>I got my wish!

  1. fitncrafty

    >One of the teachers at the kids school told the kids "if they wear there Pj's backwards and inside out they will have a snow day the next day! Remember this because according to about 15 kids I know this is now a true and accurate fact. Yes my two youngest wore backwards and inside out PJ's last night!! Glad to hear that you enjoyed your day! I enjoyed mine too!


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