>A New Tradition: Gratitude Fridays

>I’ve decided from now on to mention something I’m thankful for each Friday. I think it’s important to remember what is good in your life on a regular basis, otherwise you run the risk of falling into the “woe is me” slump. Well, at least I do.

So today, as corny as it is, I’m going to talk about Chris. I know that it’s a bit silly talk about the fact that you are thankful for your spouse, but honestly, a lot of people aren’t. Also, a lot of people don’t have really great spouses. So, anyway, let’s get to it.

What made me initially think of this is that Chris walked in the rain last night to get Chinese food for us and then put the leftovers away and cleaned up after. Even better, he did it all on his own, completely unprompted. Sure, sure, he needed the counter space because he was going to cure some bacon, but he still did it.

Plus, he does stuff like this all the time. He’s always cooking great meals, cleaning dishes, folding laundry, fixing things, running errands, and taking Jack to do fun stuff. Although he does give me plenty of sass, he makes me laugh at least once a day and he’s always very kind.

I know many people who struggle with their husbands each day, and some can’t even stand to be around their husbands. I’m glad I have him, and I’m thankful each day for that.


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