Monthly Archives: March 2010

>Waiting on Chickens


It seems like I may have to wait longer than I thought to own chickens. Namely, I think I’ll need to invest in a fence around our property, which I don’t feel like paying for at the moment. I just don’t want to worry about the Village knowing, and about bothering those who live near me. Or, the bratty neighbor kids running over and messing with them.

It’s weird how quickly a “5 year plan” can change. I used to want to get promoted (back at CK), and then I was, then I wanted to move to NY….and we did. Then I didn’t really know what I wanted, and then I did. And what I wanted was the least likely thing. I want a homestead or a farm. I want land, and I want to support my family with that land.

Learning about not getting the chickens makes it feel like the dream is further away, although I know that’s silly. I just love this whole area. I’d love to stay near here. I want to wake up to the sounds of silly animals and work in the dirt. I guess we’ll see in a few years when Chris leaves the Navy. Fingers crossed though.

They say you can take the girl out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the girl. They never mention that one day a rural-phobic gal would want her own stinkin’ farm. Hmmmm….


>Earth Hour


Did you participate in Earth Hour on Saturday? We did, sort of. All the lights were out, but Chris was reading something online and didn’t want to stop, so he kept that on. I used the glow of the computer to help me see (because we are idiots and have no candles!!!) I crocheted myself a headband. It felt cool to do something productive in the dark. I also enjoyed listening to the Johnny Cash station on Pandora radio.

I know, technically there shouldn’t be anything on, I get it, but I think the bigger point isn’t to live like you are Amish for an hour but to just reduce overall energy consumption for a day, globally. Maybe next year, when I remember that it’s Earth Hour more than a couple hours before it begins, I’ll be more prepared. Maybe we can get candles, and wine and a deck of cards or something.

>New Dirt


A few weekends ago we made our own compost heap. I’ve been waiting to do this all winter. Finally the snow was gone, and the weather was warm, and it felt so good to be outside.

Jack helped me a lot, which was really nice. I had him scoop up the leaves that the village never picked up in the fall. They had been piled on the curb, then covered with snow, and since the snow was gone they were nice and damp. Chris had removed the insanely overgrown and dead looking hydrangea bush the day before, so we threw a bunch of that in there too. Next we shredded a newspaper and then we wet the top of the whole pile. Lastly, I took the dead tomato plants that were still in their plastic pots from last year and dumped them on top.

I hammered in the tall stakes and Chris attached the roll of chicken wire around the whole thing. Since then we’ve added some kitchen scraps and now I keep a covered container on our counter to fill with kitchen scraps, then dump it on the pile every few days. I have to turn it every week or so, but that will be easy.

I may not be able to use much of it for planting this year, but next season I should have a ton of amazing compost.

>Deus ex Machina

>My sewing machine is acting like an ass. I have one week to finish two projects. They are Easter gifts for my niece and nephew. I am so annoyed right now. Technology can be so awesome and brutal at the same time. Maybe the next time I go into my sewing room, I can shake an angry fist at it and it will cooperate again.

>Poppin’ Fresh


I figure I should mention how I make popcorn, since I referenced it in the previous post.


Sorry, I usually hate it when things are all in caps but seriously, I don’t want anyone to miss that. The are chemicals in the liners of those bags that leach out when they are heated. Plus, you will end up spending way more than you need to for popcorn and my way takes the same amount of time.

Get an average size cooking pot with a lid. Put some EVOO in the bottom, just enough to cover it. Put in popcorn kernels, just enough to make a single layer on the bottom of the pot. Turn heat on to medium. Stay close, in about a minute you will notice the first few kernels popping. Once a few start, the rest are quick to follow. When this happens, move the pot around over the heat so that the popped kernels don’t stick to the bottom and unpopped kernels fall toward the bottom of the pan to heat up.

When popping slows, turn off heat. Wait a second, the popping should stop completely. Dump the popcorn into a large bowl. If you don’t do this right away, the popcorn will start to burn.

Then you can put sea salt on, or whatever else you like. It’s so stinkin’ simple, there’s no reason you should ever buy the other stuff.

>What to do (and not to do) with nutritional yeast.


Recently I picked up some nutritional yeast from my local HFS to help increase my B Vitamins and also because I heard that it can help curb sugar cravings.

The other night I sprinkled it onto my tuna casserole and things were fine. Tonight I sprinkled it onto my popcorn….also fine.

But, this morning was another story. I decided to add some of this to my smoothie. BIG FAIL!!! What should’ve tipped me off that this was a bad idea from the start, is the fact that I used to make a vegan nacho cheese dip with it. Anything that can double as faux cheese should not be considered a good “add-in” to your breakfast drink.

The smoothie was gross but I choked it down anyway. Tomorrow, I won’t be quite so foolish.

>I Need To Focus….Oooh is that something shiny??

>I have so many things that I want to do, but I’m terrible about organizing these thoughts and plans. Most of them center around making things and I can’t force that upon myself. When I do then it becomes a chore and not something I love. Sadly, two things I’ve made lately sort of suck. Hat patterns that I followed to the letter that were just full of fail. I did make a birthday present for a friend that I’m really happy with though. Now I just need to sit down and make a few more.

There is also the matter of figuring out what I want to write for my ebook/book. I keep putting it off because I really need to formulate an outline and then just get going on it. A big thing that stalls me out is the fact that I need to do tutorials and take photos along the way. Sure, sure, this isn’t difficult, but I’m a mess when I work on something. For example, when I sew, I don’t always do things the “proper” way. I have stuff all over my sewing room and I fear that my explanations will be confusing. I need to just get over it.

I have to finish it before the end of the year. If I don’t I will be very disappointed in myself.