>This crazy life!

Busy Beaver

Wow, things are getting hectic over here. At the moment I have 3 jobs! I’m not complaining, it’s just bonkers though.

This week is going to be full throttle for sure. I work at the coffee shop every day, Wednesday I have a town board meeting, and then I need to write an article (or several) about what happened at the meeting. Three days this week I’m helping at Jack’s school for PARP (Parents As Reading Partners), and I’m working on two social media campaigns.

Thanks to my friend Kelly, I am much less stressed about all of this since she recommended info on making a home organizer. There are a ton of sites where you can get free, printable sheets for everything from meal planning to reminder lists for what to do before you leave your house on vacation. Mine are pretty simple, just a basic calendar, a daily to-do, a weekly to-do, a sheet for things I’m thinking about (this helps me with fleeting thoughts that tend to be important but if I don’t write them down, I end up remembering 3 days later), and then a few others. I plan to tweak this as I go. I didn’t want to print out a million things and then have tons of papers that I never use. So far, it’s helping a lot.

Thankfully I have no current plans for the weekend so I am hoping for some good sleep and lazing around. Plus, tomorrow Chris and I are going out with friends to a whiskey sampling at 9 Maple. Plus, I already know I have next Monday off. I think having Monday off is the best day of the week to have off. The house is quiet and it gives me time to clean up and plan for the week. Plus I get to run errands and sometimes get some crafting in.

Ok, now back to business of being mom!


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